Tuesday, April 8, 2014

A night in the city and the days before

A night in the city and the days before

In the last days the desire to be a woman was still very strong, but i did not want to go out as a woman in the real life. Not now but pretty sure later.

The last time i went to my hotel i took a pink rock, a red shirt, a blue slip nylons, a white beautiful bra, a black satin nightshirt and black high heels with me. It was just the desire when i am in another city i want to have a few things to wear. I really enjoyed it in o the evening to change my clothes and spend the evening and the night as a woman.

Friday morning i only had to work a couple of hours so i decided to wear already my nylons and a slip at work and when i was on my way home i wore this bra as well. It felt so good.

When i arrived at home i finally got the package with my pink leggings, two pink shirts, a blue shirt and new nylons. I was so happy to get it. I decided to wear my new pink leggings, the pink red shirt and a blue kneelong high heels with 10cm heels. Then i did my make up, my red brown wig and looked into the mirror and i just liked it.

At once there came the desire to go out that night. So i thought about where to go to and i decided to go to the next bigger city. I went down to my car and then the first challenge came. How to drive with this high heels? In the beginning it was some kind of tricky. But then it was just fun. I really love high heels. I drove to the city and parked my car as i always do there, and then my fun started really. I just wanted to walk along the streets to a park, make there a rest and return to my car. I was so self confident that i was already around midnight that everybody was hearing me walking. The high heels are really loud. But i got used of walking with high heels. A few people passed my way, some older, some younger, some boys, some girls, but it was just me and my fun. At some point i arrived at the park, sat down on a bank and relaxed a little bit. But then i heard a group of teenagers walking to my direction and so i decided to return to my car. All in all i was 3 hours outside and i loved every minute of it.

What does it tell me? It is absolutely ok to go out as a woman, it is just be yourself and don't be nervous the most people don't look at all.....

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